• Swearing is allowed both in-game and on our Discord server channels, however, it would not be tolerated if it is provocatively used against other players and in any offensive manner. Punishment shall depend as to how it was used as Mantodea strongly opposes any form of bullying, discrimination, harassment, and belittlement of other players.

• Avoid spamming the chat (even private messages). Repeatedly sending the same message or even altering certain characters and words will be punishable as it is also considered chat spam. This also includes excessive use of characters beyond the limit of 4.

• Do not advertise any content unrelated to Mantodea. This includes links and information shared in the server chat that leads to any content considered as inappropriate, unnecessary, or unrelated. Sharing personal information of yourself and other people is also not allowed so please refrain from doing such acts.

• Always be appropriate, behave, and respect every player equally. Any offensive and inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated such as trolling and pressuring players to do or think of something they shouldn’t.

• Please speak in English in general chats and avoid sensitive and sensual topics (applies to discord channels and the general chat in the server). To clarify, you can freely talk in other languages as long as it is in private channels, chats, or even in direct messages given that the people you’re talking to allow it and understand what you are saying. Town chats are regulated by Mayors and Co-mayors but can also be moderated by the staff of the server.



• Mantodea does not allow alternate accounts, modifications, or any hacked clients that gives an unfair advantage in server gameplay (e.g auto-click, x-ray, aimbot, minimaps, speed and fly hacks). We do allow mods such as Optifine and other clients like Badlion and Lunar as they do not possess any type of modifications that will ruin player experience.

• We discourage players from building and using auto-farms with auto-clickers involved as well as farms that contains a lot of redstone circuitry as it will cause significant server lag. If a farm was made that violates this, players will be given prior notice before server staff takes immediate action.

• Abuse of glitches, duplications, and exploits that also gives unfair advantage to a player will be punished accordingly. Spreading this information for other players to take advantage of will increase the penalty and will also include the players who know of it.

• Mantodea is extremely against Scamming (Fraud) in any form whether it be in item transactions, trading, paying for an item at ridiculous prices, pricing items at player shops and/or auctions so please avoid doing so.

• PVP is enabled in the wilderness, thus, killing players in the wild is allowed but deliberately killing them in their spawnpoints is not. Teleportation and Spawn trapping is also not allowed and we strongly discourage players from doing this, keep everything peaceful and avoid unnecessary conflicts. Lastly, Killing an AFK player by pushing them to a spot where they can be killed is not allowed.

• Any form of theft is illegal, the following items in the list below emphasizes more on this matter.

Examples of theft can be but is not limited to;

>> Withdrawing money from the town bank and leaving the town.

>> Killing a player in a PVP zone under an agreement or with town specific rules that strictly enforces a no-theft in PVP zone policy.

>> Making a town fall deliberately and/or conspiring with other players to loot a town that fell recently due to stealing money from a town bank.

>> Taking the items that a player accidentally dropped or when a player dies from natural or accidental causes.

>> Deliberately emptying out community chests to troll people.

• Use the /Wilderness world for building your town and claiming chunks for it. Terraforming is not allowed as it ruins the world for towns to be built upon. Use /resource, nether resource (through nether portals), and /End worlds for gathering materials but do not deliberately destroy the land without reason to do so.

• Looting fallen towns due to inactivity or lack of awareness is allowed but we extremely forbid players from destroying current builds and its surroundings.

• Mantodea absolutely forbids any player from Griefing. Below are specific rules that we strictly discourage players from doing so to avoid any conflicts that will hinder the experience:

>> Destroying a town that recently fell by mining or chopping blocks (breaking chests is allowed).

>> Making cobble monsters using large amounts of lava and water.

>> Any form of Border Griefing (Block placement or destruction, using bonemeal to instantly grow a lot of trees, lava and water placement to name a few…)


Mantodea Towny strives to deliver an exceptional and one-of-a-kind atmosphere for all of our players to enjoy. Our main goal is to ensure fairness and equality among everyone, regardless of any exception. To ensure YOUR safety on Mantodea, please read the following rules and obey them! Please and thank you,


| Mantodea Staff |