Beetle (1)
Cicada (3)
Nymph (1)
Cicada (7)
Cicada (4)
Cicada (2)
Cicada (10)
Cicada (5)

Ranks provide new opportunties for players to explore in trade for higher prices for each. The journey is a long one, but once players reach Mantis, they are able to fly while in survival. 


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What are ranks?

Complete List of Mantodea's Ranks

Mantodea does NOT offer purchase-exclusive ranks, removing the common "pay-to-win" scheme.


Ranks CAN be purchased with real money but all in-game ranks can be purchased using IN-GAME currency, each rank becoming more expensive than the next.

Exclusive Ranks

Rank-Up Cost: FREE









Nymph is the first rank you can upgrade to on Mantodea. Nymph ranks include all of the basic commands you would need to establish yourself on our server. Join your first job using /jobs browse and then /jobs join [JobName]. More information on our Jobs page. 

Unlocked Permissions:

Access to Wilderness and Resource

Access to the Resource Nether

Access to joining first Job

Access to TWO sethomes

Firefly is the second rank you can upgrade to. Firefly is an important rank due to allowing players to create their first town and use /nv to see in dark caves and at night! Gain an additional home to bookmark more locations around Mantodea!






Rank-Up Cost: $30,000

Unlocked Permissions:

Access to making first Town

Access to the Night Vision

Access to THREE sethomes

Rank-Up Cost: $65,000

Allowing players to store items and move around more efficiently, the Termite rank allows players to access their enderchest using a command and return to the surface with /top. Gains another home.

Cicada rank enables players to use virtual crafting tables and set more homes, allowing for more exploration without having to remember a crafting table or having to record your coordinates now that you have TEN sethomes!

Upon ranking up from Beetle to Clearwing players are allowed you to access very useful commands. Players are now able to use their first private vault, join a second job, and use nicknames in the chat!

Rank-Up Cost: $300,000

Rank-Up Cost: $475,000

Rank-Up Cost: $175,000

Beetle rank allows players to contribute to the economy of the server. Not obtainable by any ranks until Beetle, players can now use /back, Colored Signs, make Player Chest Shops (see Economy) to recieve and sell items in addition to gaining another sethome!

Unlocked Permissions:

Access to virtual Enderchest

Access to surface command

Access to FOUR sethomes

Unlocked Permissions:

Access to virtual Crafting Table

Access to TEN sethomes

Unlocked Permissions:

Access to Private Vault

Access to joining second Job

Access to SEVEN sethomes

Unlocked Permissions:

Access to Chest Shops

Access to Colored Signs

Access to Back Command

Access to FIVE sethomes

Rank-Up Cost: $1,500,000

Rank-Up Cost: $2,300,000

Rank-Up Cost: $700,000

Butterflies can utilize their delicate touch to harvest spawners with Silk Touch diamond pickaxes. Players with Butterfly rank gain a SECOND private vault to store the amazing loot that you find while exploring our working towards maxing your job!

Wasps give the player endless freedom when exploring. Wasps do not have to worry about losing the location of their death location or losing their experience on death! Able to set up hives at many locations, players can set up to FIFTEEN homes!

 Antlions are the first able to enter the Nether Wilderness, where they can make claims and safeguard chunks of land within the Nether! Exciting!

Unlocked Permissions:

Access to Fly Command

Access to THIRTY sethomes

Rank-Up Cost: $10,000,000

 Showing unparalleled dedication and support to our server, we are extremely thankful and are glad for your contributions to our community. Players who reach this point obtain THIRTY homes and are able to fly while in Survival! Congratulations Mantis! Enjoy your permissions!

Unlocked Permissions:

Access to SECOND Private Vault

Access to Silk Touching Spawners

Unlocked Permissions:

Access to Claimable Nether

Unlocked Permissions:

Access to Back Command on Death

Access to XP Retainment on Death

Access to FIFTEEN sethomes

Unlocked Permissions:

Access to Keep Inventory on Death

Access to Mob Arena (Future Update)

Access to TWENTY-FIVE sethomes

Unlocked Permissions:

Access to THIRD Private Vault

Access to End Dimension

Access to TWENTY sethomes

Unlocked Permissions:

Access to joining THIRD job

Access to Feed Command

Rank-Up Cost: $4,400,000

Rank-Up Cost: $7,500,000

Rank-Up Cost: $3,000,000

Dragonflies open up a world, or should we say realm, of opportunity for players. Dragonflies are able to access the end dimension and are given more a THIRD private vault to store the loot they find! In addition, mark more landmarks with a total of TWENTY homes!

Grasshopper acts as an endgame rank that will allow players to keep their inventories upon death, set more homes, AND access our planned Mob Arena! Want to know when the mob arena drops? Join our Discord.

Buprestids or metallic woodborers are extremely hardworkers, doing anything they can to carryout a task! As a Buprestid, players gain access to a THIRD job and can use /feed to avoid having to make food!