The Plague of Mantodean Legend

How does the Mob Arena work?

Before even considering entering the Plague, you must first obtain a Champion's Amulet. Without it, you would be overwhelmed by dark energy and consumed by evil. Your energy takes 24 hours to recharge, meaning that even if you have multiple amulets you will have to way a full day before fighting the plague again. Now, how does the Mob Arena actually function?

| FIRST OBJECTIVEEntering the Plague and Planning Attack Strategies |

Champion's Amulet

Worn by Mantodea's original Champions, the amulet allowed safety from the corrupting and overwhelming power that the Plague gives off in its own dimension. The Altar gives players a new amulet every 24 hours in the Mob Arena section of spawn.

The Plague is no joke. If you desire to succeed and reap the rewards at the end of the arena, you must strategize and utilize teamwork. Upon activating (right-clicking) the Champion's Amulet, you will be teleported to the Plagued dimension. You must act quickly, as you only have 60 seconds to select a Champion. There are 20 different to select from - each with their own attributes. There are SUPPORT, ATTACKER, DEFENDER, RANGED, and EFFECTS based Champions. In the past, Champions made sure to enter the arena with a wide range of different attributes in order to have a well-rounded and successful raid on the Plague. So, IF YOU WANT TO SUCCEED, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you plan to attack with four total players (including yourself).

This leads to the Champions. When in the lobby, you can select a kit by opening up your KIT SELECTION (chest icon) in your hotbar. You will then be able to choose your favorite kit and harness their ancient energy in the Arena. Each Champion has strengths and weaknesses that must be respected and understood if you want to achieve greatness. You have been warned. Afterall, how many times do you see a successful beehive with only one bee? That's what the ancients always said...

| SECOND OBJECTIVESpending your Coins Responsibly and Purposefully |

From killing the mobs corrupted by the Plague and at the end of each wave, you will be given a reward - either coins, bugsouls, or crate keys. These coins can be used to purchase important potions, armor upgrades, champion-specific weapons, and more food. Now, these items take a lot of coins to purchase... especially if you are doing it alone. To be successful, you must save your coins and spend responsbily or else you will be overpowered by the horde and die at the hands of the Plague. To plan for this, you can open the shop with /ma shop IN-BETWEEN waves. The shop is CLOSED during waves, so make sure you don't miss out on purchasing important upgrades or food items. 

Also, keep in mind that new items unlock as waves complete. Check all of the items for when they are unlocked so you can properly prepare and become familiar with when you can purchase certain items.  It will save your life!

| THIRD OBJECTIVECollecting your Rewards and Planning for the Future |

At the end of the game, you can access the rewards that you have been given. To leave the game, you either have to defeat all 100 waves of monsters OR type /leave. If you lose the game, do not be discouraged. You should have at least SOME rewards to take away and you will also have the knowledge of a better attack strategy for the future. 

You are now ready to face the Plague, young one. Go -- and make Mantodea proud.

The plague is an entity that desires to drain everything of life that stands in its way. Almost bringing Mantodeans to their demise, the Mantodean Champions stepped in and defeated the Plague. However, as the champions have disappeared over thousands of years the Plague has begun to regain power. With the seal cracking, the new army of Mantodeans has the responsibility of keeping the Plague in check and to fight back with the power of Mantodea's Champions.