Voting Crate

Crate Key Packages

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Mantodea Crates

Mantodea offers a wide-variety of different crates to provide our players with enjoyable and interactive experiences! We have crates that provide free Cash and Bugsouls, Custom Potions, Custom Tools and Armor, Entry Tickets (see Champion's Amulet), Consumable Items and much more! There is ALWAYS a way to find and obtain crates, so why not figure out which ones to go for!


Below, each of our crates / consumable items are detailed for your convenience!

Obtainment: Voting 

Harvest Crate

Immortal Crate

Obtainment: Store (click here)

Obtainment: $135,000 in-game or Store (click here)


Experience Bottles x 64 (13%)

Netherite Ingot x3 (13%)

Shulker Box x1 (13%)

Beetle Slime x3 (13%)


Voting for Mantodea helps promote and advertise our server for new players to find!


You can vote SIX times a day, and have a chance of getting useful rewards to hasten your progress in establishing yourself! 

Additional Crates

Obtainment: Various Methods


Enchanted Golden Apple (10%)

Netherite Ingot x5 (10%)

Shulker Shell x4 (10%)

Beetle Slime x5 (10%)

Harvest Key x1 (2%)

Harvest Crates are a great way to get reliable tools and armor to accelerate your progression through ranks or jobs!


Experience Bottles x 64 (45%)

Name Tag x1 (20%)

Shulker Shell x1 (15%)

Wither Skull x1 (10%)

Beetle Slime x1 (5%)

Booster Box x1 (%4)

Immortal Crate Keys are Virtual items, which means that they are bound to an account, not a physical item.

Virtual keys can never be lost, even upon death, and will always be on a players account until they consume the keys on Crates.

This is important to know when buying keys. If you are planning on buying keys for someone else, make sure to put their name on the purchase or else you will not be able to give them the keys.

In addition, if you purchase them for yourself, you will not get physical items.


Immortal Crates serve as a way to get extremely useful, but niche, items for different types of play!

Shown are the Executioner Wasp (Left), Velvet Ant (Middle), and Tarantula Hawk (Right) Sets.