Mantodea has absolutely NO tolerance for any racist, degrading, sexist, or extremist comments. Any comments falling within this category WILL result in an INSTANT mute/ban. Please use common sense and be kind!

Mantodea's No-Tolerance Policy
Mantodea's Administration Team

Mantodea uses its Discord server to manage player interactions. Although primarily used for staff applications and server ban appeals, our Discord channel #support is also utilized for suggestions and any concerns players may have.


Before you use the channels, please submit your ticket with the following formats listed below. Any other form of ticket will be disregarded and closed without response.


 [Left-click your desired submission type for its respective format] 

Listed Left to Right | [Admin] oohbooh, Exothermite, and Lolabunn13 | [Mod] Suppensalat and Mesabemal | [Mediator] LittleSlugh, cgwilson1, and aforan10 | [Developer] General66Kenobi, tannizzle.

Voting for Mantodea allows for more advertising that allows for subsequent growth and publicity! It doesn't only help us though! Voting allows players to receive six vote crate keys and a chance at some awesome rewards!

Tired of the common towny server? Bored of working to gain money but seeing nothing in return for the wealth you amass? Look no further.


Mantodea Towny provides individuals with the classic feel of towny while adding interesting and unique properties that allow for new ways of gameplay and participation!


On Mantodea, the world is yours to explore. Showcasing an insect-themed atmosphere, explore custom gear, weapon, armor, and item sets that provide new goals and milestones obtainable by ALL players.


Named Mantodea, or the scientific order of mantises, Mantodea serves a dual purpose. We strive to inspire our players to become curious and intrigued about insects in the real world while also being able to enjoy the insect aesthetic on a Minecraft server!


Mantodea and its staff dedicate their efforts towards ensuring a safe and welcoming environment for players of all backgrounds, standing by for any questions or concerns. 


To begin contributing to our community, join our Discord (icon above) and be sure to read over our rules!


Staff Applications and Ban Appeals
Vote Parties

Vote Parties enable players to be rewarded for supporting us! Once reaching the end of the Vote Party countdown, all players are given $1,500 and have a chance to get a secondary reward!


Curious about the rewards? View the list HERE.

Welcome to Mantodea!